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Why you need to curate Instagram posts

In 2018, the use of Instagram is not new anymore. Almost 8 years has passed since its inception and people are well aware of what it does. Statistics shows, 33% of the internet uses Instagram posts. Now, more than ever, it’s important each of your posts receive only the highest quality, real instagram likes and followers. This is where we can help you!

In the world of social media, people are fond of Instagram for its visual appeal. Though this platform started with sharing images only, they have now successfully incorporated video sharing too which have hugely impacted their number of users. 

Not only photo/ video sharing but Instagram also offers following, commenting, tagging others and liking (by double tapping) posts. Another feature of Instagram is exploring a particular subject; the use of hash tags helps in this case a lot.

With the advent of smartphones, anyone is a content creator on social media these days. The web is already swarming with posts which are just filtered pictures combined with couple of hash tags. Hence, you need to stand out among them, curating interesting and effective Instagram posts.

Still wondering why? Have a look at the reasons: 

Simpler to Attract:

Visual contents have an edge over text and Instagram posts can easily create a good first impression. With an engaging visual plea, it can convert a visitor into a follower. With consistency and good content, the followers would increase and definitely build a loyal fan base.


Every business should be promoted towards its growth. Instagram can be a very good platform to do so. With decent content, it can form a good brand image or even enhance one. However, be consistent with your branding and don’t confuse the viewers.

It is true that Instagram may not be suitable for all kinds of businesses. But in most of the cases, it allows you to tell a story regarding your business. Like a simple image consisting of your goals, values and achievements can work wonder.

It has been seen that 53% of Instagram users tend to follow their preferred brands. Thus, 80% of the top brands posts more frequently to engage with their users.

Contents are Easy to Create:

Instagram posts are really easy to create. Choose a suitable theme with a pinch of innovative story-telling and voila! Your content is ready. Do not forget to put some hash tags accordingly.

User Generated Content (UGC) is another perk of using Instagram. This is the content which users have created for you. UGC can be reused by implementing proper strategy. 

  • Take note from similar industries and what influences them.
  • Try to incorporate these in your own content and
  • Deal with what the target audience cares about the most.

All these will build a strong visual voice.

Marketing friendly:

Marketing scenarios have changed a lot in recent years and social media is deeply involved in it. And Instagram is one of the front runners with the help of visual marketing.

Statistics reveal that 90% of the Instagram users are aged below 35. Therefore, for youth based products, marketing can be very lucrative on Instagram.

The social media platform’s engagement with brands is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter. Instagram also allows you to interact with your audience and incites discussions. With ads, you can reach out more to your target audience.

Going through the above mentioned reasons, you should have gotten an idea why you need to curate Instagram posts. Now, you must be wondering how to achieve an attracting newsfeed!

5 tips to make your Instagram feed remarkable –

#Tip 1: Choose a Theme:

It is very important to choose a theme for your Instagram feed and be consistent about it. The theme must be appropriate for yourself or your brand. It should be a reflection of what you are and what you offer.

Make sure the vibe isn’t weird or incongruous. Use colors that go with your themes and moods of the post. Create a blissful aesthetic that is relatable to the viewer’s lifestyle.

#Tip 2: Focus on the Overall Picture:

Do not only concentrate on individual posts; rather focus on the feed as a whole. When someone visits your Instagram account, he/she will get to see the 6 or 9 posts from the grid.

If they enjoy what they see, they will come back again for sure. This shows your own style and pattern. Keep it simple and sweet.

#Tip 3: Get active:

You need to be more active with the Instagram posts. More posts will reach more people and generate more interactions. On an average, top brands post more than 4 times a week due to this reason. However, make sure that these should not be spam posts as they will create a negative effect.

#Tip 4: Impressive Contents:

Contents are the main pillars for influencing people through visual marketing. Make sure there is variety in the contents, so that the viewers do not feel monotonous or demotivating.  

The contents should also be original. Though most of the Instagram posts are based on visual attributes, they should be structured with an easily understandable language which would appeal the mass. The language actually tells the story. That is why, choosing a good caption is important too. Also, use filters (or maybe don’t) that are easy on the eye.

#Tip 5: Strategize:

Before posting something, rethink how it would impact your brand. Is the picture personal? Or, just sales-oriented? Do not combine them. If you have both, then use separate accounts.

Track when your followers are the most active. Post your contents during those busy hours. This would help in engaging more viewers and generate more leads.

Designing a creative and stunning Instagram feed is easy but not that simple. Though with proper planning, editing and good imagination, it can be done effectively. Editing plays a very crucial role here. You should use professional tools for the same so that your content looks professional.   

The editing should also be done keeping in mind about the tone, format and themes so that the contents are kept aligned with them and do not fall out of place. Last but not the least; whenever you post something, you also have to think how it sits together with the other posts.

Well, hope it’s clear why and how you should curate Instagram posts. Follow the tips and experience your Insta feed greeting new people with newer possibilities.