5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Can Be Game Changers in 2018

In 2017, the average time spent on social media went to 135 minutes from 126 minutes in 2016. However, the attention span of individuals in these websites has been reduced to just 8 seconds.

Thereby, it has become harder to attract someone’s concentration which, in turn steps up the implementation notch of social media marketing.

As marketers painstakingly try to reach their target customers, more and more methods of social media marketing emerge regularly. With ever growing app features and adds new services, both users and advertisers try their best to tap these.

This has given rise to a number of tactics that marketers are currently using to make their product and service more visible to customers.

Some of the trends that 2018 is yet to see as part of social media marketing include:

  1. Stories

Initially popularised by Snapchat, this feature now forms one of the major features of Facebook and Instagram. Putting their stories on top of the feeds, users easily grab the attention of their followers and friends.

Hence, marketers have also started exploiting this feature to deliver more high-quality content that can benefit their customers. Making the content appear on top of their feeds easily helps in building continuous brand awareness and also keeps followers engaged.

  1. Video

Kenshoo found that in 2017, spending on video advertising grew by 130%. Almost 90% of all content shared online was video in 2017 and around 80% of all traffic will arise from video by 2020.

However, keeping a user engaged for more than 3 seconds can be considerably tough. Hence, advertisers concentrate on curating more effective and relevant content that can keep an individual engaged.

  1. Influencer marketing

Rather than hiring a celebrity to create a TV commercial, marketers now focus on influencer marketing. Users look for originality and trustworthiness in a product and what better way to that through influential personnel.

Having such an individual promote a brand on their social media engages thousands or even millions of viewers.

Influencers are specific at what brands they choose to promote, and whichever they select will gain comparative advantage of others.

  1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the newest kid in town that is becoming popular day by day. With new smartphones launches housing this as a major feature, augmented reality showcases potential to shine like a bright star.

Snapchat also enables their users to see the awe of AR while Pokémon Go became a sudden sensation.

2018 can expect marketers to try and explore this feature and enable its customers to get more vivid experience with their products. An estimated around 25 brands currently pose interest to market their product and services with AR within 2022.

  1. Chatbots

According to Facebook, more than 100,000 chatbots currently provide their services in conveying social media marketing. Gartner suggests that around 20% of all business related content will come from chatbots in 2018.

Delivering rapid and personalised experience, chatbots showcase potentiality to become one of the weapons of social media marketers.

These were the 5 trends that 2018 can have in stock to be used by marketers. With more online revolutions on the way, what the future holds is beyond comprehension.